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Right kind of Bed for Neck and back Pain

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Right kind of Bed for Neckand back Pain

According to health experts, many people suffer from neck and back pain, which hampers the quality of sleep and daytime work. People often buy soft/feather mattress and pillows to avoid neck and spine pain to have a good night sleep. Unfortunately, these regular soft material pillows and mattresses do not always provide restful sleep and support to prevent the neck and back from pain. Sometimes it makes the spine and neck pain even worse, leading to a restless night sleep and pain during the daytime.

The Coiron mattresses are known as Science sleep mattresses which provide the right posture and alignment to the body while helping to avoid neck and back pain. One of the major reasons behind neck and backaches is improper spinal positioning and alignment during sleep.

Types of sleeping positions

Back Sleepers may benefit from a thin pillow. Test if a pillow is right for you by lying down on the pillow and having a family member or friend take a picture of the curve of your neck. Ideally, the curve of your neck will look similar to when you're standing with good posture (standing tall with your head up and shoulders back).

Side Sleepers typically need a thicker pillow than back sleepers to ensure the neck and head are positioned in the middle of the shoulders. Your height and the width of your shoulders will help determine the kind of pillow you ought to buy—so if you’re petite you will need a slimmer pillow than if you’re broad-shouldered.

Stomach Sleepers may benefit from an ultra-slim pillow or foregoing a pillow altogether. Since sleeping on the stomach places more stress on the cervical spine compared to other sleep positions, some people may want to avoid this position.

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