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Coir-on 'Luxury Pillow' - Pillow

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Feel the feather soft best comfort and support to your head and neck at all sleeping positions.

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  • Cotton Fabric:
    Cotton Fabric:

    Cotton fabric pillows are completely natural, free from synthetic fabric materials, and are hypoallergenic. Cotton fabric stays cool against the skin, unlike polyester, since cotton fibres breathe better than synthetics. Cotton fabric are more breathable than microfiber and won't trap heat as easily, providing a more comfortable sleep.

  • Micro polyester Fibre:
    Micro polyester Fibre:

    Microfibers being fine and more pliable, it facilitates compaction mechanism of fibre in compact spinning. The fibres are durable and lightweight and gives incredibly soft skin feel, silky and soft, and with a pleasant texture to the pillow. It is very wrinkle resistant. It retains its shape well.

Cotton fabric that gives softness and cooling that gives an undisturbed sleep al time.

The micro polyester fibre gives a soft silky feel and provides best support to your head and neck.

The fibre will retain its shape soon and is adjustable at all sleeping positions.

You will never feel heat like other pillows.

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