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Resylon, is the flagship brand of coir-on foam products is now offering world class foam from production lines of hennecke high-quality slabstock foams

Resylon offers a wide variety of sleeping innovation products like Polyurethane Foam Articles, Foam Sheets, cushions, rebonded foam, peeling foam and other foam accessories. Coir -on brand has devoted more than 35 years in developing innovative sleeping systems, we completely understand that every individual’s level of comfort is personalized. To substantiate our understanding, we have developed a new high-tech infrastructure under brand name Resylon to suit the comfort needs of every individual through Foam products.

Through meticulous sleep research, innovative designs, and cutting-edge technologies, our foam products are scientifically developed to aid better sleep and create the apt comfort factor.

Over the past decades, Resylon has worked hard to successfully provide our customers with high-quality products and services. We also offer our customers professional knowledge and expertise to face the challenges in our Industry.

Our business goals for customers are High Quality, Efficiency, and Services

High Quality

After the manufacturing process, our foam products are rigorously tested for pressure, elasticity & resilience to assure that they meet the highest global quality standards. We have devoted ourselves to make sure our products are top-notch, so we can build a good business reputation in industry.


With good working teams, and mature operations, we can satisfy our customers with high efficiency.


Our professional service is highly regarded by our clients. Our loyal clients can get satisfactory solutions on our Foam Machineries, Foaming techniques, and raw materials.

Range of products:


Furniture Cushioning

Home comfort products