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Coir-on 'OXY Plus' - A Masterpiece with Royal Standards

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A Luxurious euro top crafted to be an unrivalled masterpiece in the segment, prioritising luxury as the standard element.

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OXY Plus

A Masterpiece with Royal Standards

  • Comfort Level: Soft
  • Pocketed Spring
  • Product Features
  • Advantages
  • 3 Zone Pocket Spring Core:
    3 Zone Pocket Spring Core:

    Pocket spring framework is created in a way, if a weight is set on a spring the adjoining springs are not disturbed which means zero disturbance. The coloured centre portion has comparatively a higher density of springs offering a firm support to lower body.

  • Pin Core Latex:
    Pin Core Latex:

    The most durable foam made of 100 % natural latex is manufactured using pin-core technology, this gives the firmly buoyant quality providing ultimate comfort of sleep, enduring for years together.

  • Belgium Aloe Vera Fabric:
    Belgium Aloe Vera Fabric:

    The Belgian viscose yarn spun from the wood pulp is treated with aloe Vera extracts encapsulated in micro beads then woven to a fabric infused with virtues of Aloe Vera. The health benefits of Aloe Vera are the best known as healing properties while it also soothes and regenerates the skin.

A Masterpiece with Royal Standards.

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Select Categories OXY Plus
Name OXY Plus Latex Plus Platinum Plus Ortho Care Plus
Type of mattress A Masterpiece with Royal Standards 100% Natural Latex Core Luxurious Natural Coir Mattress A high density sand witch mattress with Memory Foam
Comfort Level Soft Soft Soft Ultra soft
Available Sizes Single, Double, Queen, King Single,Double,Queen,King Single,Double,Queen,King Single,Double,Queen,King
Item Dimensions Starts from 72 X 30 X 6+3-9 72 X 30 X 5 72 X 30 X 8 72 X 30 X 6
Color Sandal Biege Pink, Sandal Grey
Warranty 10 Years Warranty 10 Years Warranty 7 years Warranty 5 Years Warranty
Form Factor Pocketed Spring Latex Coir Coir
Price ₹19,520.00 ₹24,060.00 ₹13,040.00 ₹13,020.00