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Coir-on 'Capsule Orthopedic' - Triple Anti-Microbial Treatment

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Coir on Capsule is a roll packed mattress that comes in a vacuum packed, easy DIY box set up. This medium firm mattress is an ideal combination of support and plush comfort. While the memory foam contours to the shape of your body, the resilient foam base enhances support. All of this is topped with a comfy super soft foam layer for that cloud like feel. The fabric of Capsule mattress has Triple Anti-Microbial Treatment protecting you from bacteria, fungi and dust mites giving way to a healthy and comforting sleep experience.


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Capsule Orthopedic

Triple Anti-Microbial Treatment

  • Comfort Level: Soft
  • Foam
  • Product Features
  • Advantages
  • Best Body Support:
    Best Body Support:

    Coir on Capsule mattress features a combination of resilient and responsive foam layers that balances back support with the right amount of bounce. It distributes weight evenly which will give a personalized support.

  • Top Recovery:
    Top Recovery:

    Premium cover increases oxygen delivery to your cells for better temperature regulation and improved over night recovery.

  • Anti-Skid Bottom:
    Anti-Skid Bottom:

    The mattress comes with anti-skid bottom that provides best hold with the cot. Anti-skid fabric or Slip-Not is a unique fabric that holds up strongly offering grip and non-skid in both wet and dry conditions for Mattress.

  • DIY Unboxing:
    DIY Unboxing:

    The do-it-yourself installation is easy to set to up and saves you time, effort and energy for a sleep that is worth it all. Rolled and compressed in a box for shipping set up easy and fun, unseal the mattress and leave it for about 72 hours to enable for full expansion.

  • Anti-Bacterial Fabric:
    Anti-Bacterial Fabric:

    The fabric of every Coir on Capsule mattress comes with Triple Anti-Microbial Treatment that keeps you protected from Bacteria, Fungi and Dust Mites.

  • Luxury Foam Mattress:
    Luxury Foam Mattress:

    Coir on Capsule pressure-relieving memory foam naturally moulds to the shape of your body for a luxurious feel and cradled support.

  • High Resilience Comfort Layer:
    High Resilience Comfort Layer:

    Premium Comfort Foam layer ensuring balanced support to the spine and body with zero partner disturbance.

•    Mouldy your body
•    Temperature- Control support
•    Pain- relief and comfort
•    No more allergies
•    Motion Transfer Resistance
•    Provides Maximum support
•    Even weight distribution
•    Spinal alignment
•    Lasts long, very long !
•    Washable Outer Cover

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Select Categories Capsule Orthopedic
Name Capsule Orthopedic Grandeur Millennium Plus Majestic
Type of mattress Triple Anti-Microbial Treatment Bonnell Spring Mattress High density Rubberized coir sandwiched Bonded Foam Bonnell Spring Mattress
Comfort Level Soft Soft Soft PU Foam Soft
Available Sizes Single, Double, Queen, King Single,Double,Queen,King Single,Double,Queen,King Single,Double,Queen,King
Item Dimensions Starts from 72 X 30 X 6 72 X 30 X 6 72 X 30 X 5 72 X 30 X 6
Color White Grey,Maroon Brown, Blue Maroon,Blue
Warranty 10 Years Warranty 5 Years Warranty 3 Years Warranty 5 Years Warranty
Form Factor Foam Pocketed Spring Coir Pocketed Spring
Price ₹8,410.00 ₹8,690.00 ₹6,660.00 ₹10,260.00