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How to Choose the Right Bedding?

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How to Choose the Right Bedding?

We all know when we haven't had enough sleep or when we've had an interrupted night. A supportive mattress and soothing bedtime routines can help, but if you wake up with the snuffles or throw the covers off during the night, it might be time to rethink your bed and bedding.

What Is Bedding?


Bedding refers to the bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and other bed accoutrements that people use to cover and protect their mattresses. Types of bedding include mattress covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, comforters, shams, quilts, and bed skirts. You can purchase individual bed coverings or as part of a bedding set, like a comforter set (a comforter, a sham, a bed skirt, and throw pillows) or a sheet set (a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases). Bedding is important because it provides warmth; an impact sleep quality, protects your mattress, and can promote good hygiene.


How Bedding Affects Sleep


The right bedding can contribute to a good night’s sleep, but the wrong bedding can negatively affect sleep quality. Here are some ways that bedding affects sleep:


  It can irritate your skin. Bed sheets that are too coarse or made from harsh synthetic fibres can irritate your skin or exacerbate existing skin conditions, making it hard for you to get comfortable and relax at night.

    It can trap too much heat. Some people are prone to overheating at night while they sleep, leading to excess sweating and dehydration. Being too warm while you sleep can make you toss and turn in search of comfort or take in more fluids to regulate your body heat, resulting in frequent bathroom trips throughout the night.

    It can’t keep you warm. While overheating in the night might be a problem for some, others may be more sensitive to the cold. If you use too many breathable fabrics, you may find yourself struggling to get warm at night, leading to lower sleep quality.


How do I know if my bedding is good quality?


The higher the thread count, the better quality the fabric is, and the better it feels against your skin. The thread count of standard cotton is around 150TC, with 180TC considered good quality. Anything above 200TC is high quality, but the count can go up to as high as 400, 800 and 1,000TC for the very finest threads.

 How do I know what size bedding to buy?

Remove any sheets from your bed and measure the width and length of your mattress. Then measure the height of your mattress, being sure to include any mattress toppers. Write these dimensions down. Your fitted sheet should match or be slightly larger than these dimensions.

Tips For Choosing Your Bedding

When it comes to setting up your bed, try to find the best quality option in your budget because bedding can majorly impact your sleep quality. Many factors can influence your bedding purchase, such as:

    1. Comfort: The material and weave of the fabric used to make bedding can play a significant role in how comfortable it feels. Thread counts refer to the number of woven threads in a square inch of fabric, ranging from 100 to 1,000. Typically, the higher the thread count, the softer a sheet will feel. The numbers on the lower range may feel coarser because the weaving is looser. However, high thread count sheets are usually more expensive and don’t always equate to quality, as some manufacturers inflate the number to sell it at a higher price point. Experts generally recommend purchasing bedding in the 200–400 thread count range for best results.

    2. Breathability: When purchasing new bedding, keep your preferred sleeping temperature in mind. If you usually run hot while you sleep, focus on buying more breathable fabrics. Conversely, if you’re prone to chilliness at night, you might want to include at least one synthetic layer that can help trap in some body heat.

    3. Hypoallergenic: People with allergies may benefit from bedding with antimicrobial properties. By choosing materials that are naturally resistant to dust mites and mold, you can have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

    4. Quality: It may be tempting to purchase an inexpensive, visually appealing sheet set, but an investment in your bedding can change the quality of your sleep, which can benefit your health in the long-term by giving you a more comfortable place to rest.



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