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Coir-on 'Memory Soft' - Low resilience layer of foam

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A luxury bedding designed for generous comfort with low resilience layers of foam.

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Memory Soft

Low resilience layer of foam

  • Comfort Level: Soft
  • Pocketed Spring
  • Product Features
  • Advantages
  • 3-Zone pocket Spring Core
    3-Zone pocket Spring Core

    Pocket spring framework is created in a way, if a weight is set on a spring the adjoining springs are not disturbed which means zero disturbance. The coloured centre portion has comparatively a higher density of springs offering a firm support to lower body.

  • Melange Fabric
    Melange Fabric

    Smooth and rich melange fabric overlays the mattress stiched to perfection. Melange is an eco-friendly fabric comprising of organic elements.

  • Memory Foam
    Memory Foam

    Memory foam is a low resilience, soft material that contours naturally to your body shape for a perfect support to spine. The foam maintains the optimal temperature for deep and elusive sleep.

For extra soft Cozy Sleep .

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Select Categories Memory Soft
Name Memory Soft OXY Plus Latex Plus Platinum Plus
Type of mattress Low resilience layer of foam A Masterpiece with Royal Standards 100% Natural Latex Core Luxurious Natural Coir Mattress
Comfort Level Soft Soft Soft Soft
Available Sizes Single, Double, Queen, King Single,Double,Queen,King Single,Double,Queen,King Single,Double,Queen,King
Item Dimensions Starts from 72 X 30 X 6 72 X 30 X 6+3-9 72 X 30 X 5 72 X 30 X 8
Color Grey Sandal Biege Pink, Sandal
Warranty 10 Years Warranty 10 Years Warranty 10 Years Warranty 7 years Warranty
Form Factor Pocketed Spring Pocketed Spring Latex Coir
Price ₹19,040.00 ₹19,520.00 ₹24,060.00 ₹13,040.00