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For Luxurious Sleep

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For Luxurious Sleep
  • Melange fabric

    The top layer of the mattress is covered with technologically advanced mélange fabric which is an eco friendly product made up of organic elements.

  • Memory foam

    Memory foam is elastic, soft material which molds exactly to your body shape. Provides temperature control support for deep and elusive sleep.

  • Natural Coir

    Coir fibre helps air to circulate well inside the mattresses and maintains a relatively cool sleeping temperature. Also coir is
    naturally a hygroscopic material and hence absorbs moisture from the air.

  • High Density PU foam

    Polyurethane(PUR and PU)foam is a soft and soothing material which is chemically inter and commonly used in the manufacturing of mattresses giving an additional comfort to the person.

  • Bonded Foam

    High density bonded virgin breathable foam, which is free from dust mite, fungi and harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is easier, safer, healthier for use and is preferred choice in high quality mattresses.