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Bonnell Spring Mattress
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  • Italian Jacquard Fabric

    Covered with Italian Jacquard fabric capable of collecting the static electricity from your body and conveying it away.

  • Quilt

    Mattresses is finished with an extra layer of foam padding that is Quilted together with the outer cover.

  • Natural Fiber - Coir

    Coir fiber helps air to circulate well inside the mattress and maintains a relativity cool sleeping temperature. Also coir is naturally a hygroscopic material and hence absorbs moisture from the air. This gives a additional cool sensation to the coir mattresses.

  • Cotton Felt

    Top quality cotton felt is a flame retardant wadding for mattresses, to ensure it does not easily break up when you handle it. This premium upholstery used for padding of inner bonnell spring core.

  • Bonnell Spring Core

    Bonnell spring are passed twice through a constant temperature and electronically controlled heat tempering process to ensure there is no breakup under pressure. It is not too firm neither too soft. The bonnell spring unit was developed as a result of scientific research to provide great comfort.