Cool Max

Suitable for All Climatic conditions

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Suitable for All Climatic conditions

  • Belgium Knitted fabric

    Cool Smart belgium knitted fabrics has proven for moisture management benefits, offering a pleasing effect of freshness with cool feel.

  • Quilt

    Mattresses is finished with an extra layer of foam padding that is Quilted together with the outer cover.

  • High Density PU Foam

    Polyurethane (PUR and PU) Foam is a soft and soothing material which is chemically inter and commonly used in the manufacturing of mattress, giving an additional comfort to the person.

  • 3 Zone Pacet Spring core

    Pocket spring system is developed in such a way that, if a weight is placed on a single spring, the other springs, adjacent to it are hardly affected which means zero Disturbance. Top and bottom spring (White) has light density compared to centre (Blue) which has higher density to support the lower body.